We had a huge pleasure building such magnificent glass display for an ADDIDAS  fashion show at 69th Regiment Armory . It was made from 3/8 thick glass and measured 140 in LONG x 30 in WIDE x 20 in HIGH .Our professional team had to assemble and glue all pieces on site , making sure no spot was left imperfect .  We did a beautiful job  and this  project was completed on time ,which was important for such an event . 

We also had an opportunity to install a frameless storefront for Downtown Adidas Store in SoHo . The doors are 1/2 thick and tempered , which insures long lasting durability . Modern hardware adds up to the overall look and feel of the facade . 


3/23/2015 Our neighbors ,  S&F SUPPLIES  have been in a trade for a long time. We had a pleasure to cooperate for ten years .That's why when we were asked to create a glass railing for their showroom ,we did not hesitate to make our best . We used 1/2 tempered glass with edges , polished so well ,that you can see your reflection . Additionally a  logo of the company was sandblasted to personalize overall appearance . Here is the result of our work . Enjoy !


Another exciting project has been finished by Williamsburg Glass . Our team of designers have developed a look that would meet the needs of an upcoming cosmetics shop .We used black mirror , 1/4 thick  , painted silver , to amplify the look of the existing interior and bring richness to the overall appearance of the shop. We have worked with Euphorie Cosmetics on two locations, meeting their priorities and leaving our customer happy both of the times . Here i am posting some pictures  of what we have done . Enjoy !